Morte E Vida Uterina



Direction, Animation, Script, Editing
Daniel Bruson

Paula Cavalciuk and Daniel Bruson

Executive Production
Samantha Alves Silveira

Production Assistance
Rafael Bruson Moretti

Press Agent
Mariângela Carvalho

Thanks To
Talita Annunciato

A girl walks her path to womanhood. She is broken over and over again, but insists on getting up. She must compose with the forces coming from within and without her changing body to give rise to her singing.


Official music video for the song “Morte E Vida Uterina” (“Uterine Death And Life”), by Brazilian singer/songwriter Paula Cavalciuk. Opening track from her first album Morte & Vida (2016), it’s a stop motion animation made with found objects such as threads, buttons, leaves, chains, old magazines and paper cut outs.