Nespresso is by no means a traditional project. We were very excited to work on this campaign with a team of really talented people to brainstorm on the small details together and bring this series to life. It was key for us to create a distinct animation that would showcase beautiful poses for the transformation while maintaining a very fluid rhythm. Just as an illusionist does, we wanted to create a film that could be played repeatedly and and still be mesmerizing each and every time.


The challenge was to capture the essence of this transformation, to show it in a sophisticated way, without resorting to any abrupt tricks. We wanted the morphing to occur as visibly as possible; each phase and pose was planned to be graceful, the animation to have great timing and flow. We hope you observe the love that went into making something simple but extremely dynamic.


This film may have a minimalistic quality to it, however executing the final result was far more complex than what it may seem, so we would like to share some ‘making of’ insight into the process of this project.