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The Process

No matter the live action production, large or small, we focus on a seamless production for the live action and visual effects (VFX) integration. While filming we make sure to take special care so that all VFX is considered and efficiently entered into our 3D pipeline.  Once in our pipeline we take great care to add all the detail to the realism in cars, landscape environments, etc. to create an imaginative photo-real world. Regardless of the challenges, we use both live action and VFX to push creativity and storytelling. Our portfolio highlights a variety of VFX films, all of which have been true collaborations with our clients as well a synergistic collective in house. Roof’s pipeline has been developed to allow for a quick turn around and an efficient production process. Starting with styleframes in our design phase up until the final color grade, our clients are an important part of this process and we involve then in each stage to ensure a cohesive and successful relationship.


Under our Roof, we have selected a talented roster of directors with an array of skills and styles. Roof works in a collective style and we believe that what we put out is a result of how well we collaborate with each other. Our studio encourages open dialogue and teamwork between directors and artists while working closely together with our clients.

Guto Terni

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